A Good Start

Well… I’m having sinus issues… or have a cold or something. Whatever it is, it’s a craptacular day to start off the new year. Also rang in the new year working… So that may or may not be a good sign for the year to come.

Here’s hoping I have enough work to keep myself comfortable money-wise.

I have a lot of hopes for the new year. A lot of them hinge on my ability to stop being lazy. Fingers crossed folks.

First goal is to get writing. Seriously. I write on and on how I need to write and get my stories down. This year I have to get something down.

Second goal is health. Exercise is sexy, right? And it’s not so much losing weight as it is getting in shape. I’d like to take a form of martial art. Judo or something. Only stuff in town is Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Karate… None of which really appeal to me. If only I could find a Tai Chi instructor or something. But, that’s a goal for this coming year.

But I think those two goals are the main thing for this year. Everything else doesn’t seem quite as important or neglected.

Though a new job wouldn’t be snubbed by me, either. Something with the college would be very nice, or a best selling novel because I finally got off my ass and wrote something worth reading.

Ah, 2010, you have such possibilities.


Lazy Day

Didn’t do much today. Restrained myself from killing the neighbor’s dog who had managed to tip over our garbage can and drag trash everywhere. I had a plastic bag in there where I’d brushed my dogs and put the fur in the bag for disposal. The neighbor’s dog tore into it and now my front lawn looks like it’s snowed dog hair.

Also I got to take care of my fiance today because he woke up with a migraine and called in at work. Poor thing was dead to the world until I made him get up and eat something. He decided to try to stay up so he could sleep tonight. At the moment one of our dogs is talking to him and demanding attention. She doesn’t know what “go away” means.

Tomorrow starts my work “week” and I’ll possibly be off on Monday. I think, if I’m off early tomorrow I may break out the outlines for my two novels and see if I can get something going on with either of them. More character sketches, world building, something, you know?

Speaking of work, I’m sort of kicking myself for missing two days of potential work, it would have been around 400 dollars before taxes and that’s a lot of money. But what’s done is done. No use fretting about it now.

Of Books and Such

Just finished the last season of Angel. “I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda want to kill the dragon.” Is my new favorite quote of the moment. If only there were a way to use it in everyday life… Other than as a sexual innuendo.

My little sister was in for a few days. It was chalk full of finding clothes and purses… Not my cup of tea at all. I swear we looked at every purse in Bowling Green and she still didn’t find one she liked. >.<

I did make her go see Sherlock Holmes with my and one of my friends, she didn’t care for it. I think too much of it went over her head. I thought the movie was great though.

So, my imaginary friends/readers, I’m sure you’re all wondering how NaNoWriMo went. It didn’t. I punked out. I got a couple of different outlines going and did make some real progress as far as character and plot development, but didn’t actually get anything written.

I wish I’d stop being so lazy about it. But wishing won’t accomplish anything, only doing will accomplish that and I think part of it is that I’m torn between trying to type things straight onto the computer or doing chapters in my notebooks.

In the midst of not writing I’ve been buying a ton of books. I think over the last couple of weeks I’ve probably bought 15 new books. Some were to further collections of things I’ve already read, but most are things I intend to read. I’m just running out of places to put these things. I’m starting to see the practicality of things like the e-reader, kindle, and nook. I’m still resisting because there’s just something about turning a paper page and having the book right there… The kindle kind of scares me because Amazon can just remove a book you purchase without warning, I mean they give you your money back and all that… But it’s still scary. Then again I’m just ultra possessive of my books. If I got one I’d have to figure out a way to crack the coding so that the pdfs would be mine forever and ever… at least until the item breaks… Which is another thing that scares me.

I’ve gone through more laptops and technological items than I care to name and there’s always that hassle of copying over your data and trying to make sure you get everything.  I can only imagine that an e-reader thing would be very similar. A book… Well, it doesn’t go out of date and it doesn’t just stop working.

Ever fight the urge to troll your own family?

Yeah, so title says it all. Just got into a semi-discussion with an aunt of mine about twilight. And when she responded with “Well, isn’t it great that we are all entitled to our own opinions?!”

I really, really wanted to respond with “But your opinion is wrong.” You can’t be  entitled to an opinion if it’s wrong and I have evidence proving it wrong. >.< It’s a crime against logic. (Which by the way is an amusing read)

But in the spirit of not being the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving, I conceded to respond by suggesting better YA novels.  Mostly because my mommy told me to. Otherwise I would have. I swear.

Fox just keeps finding new ways to piss me off.

They just canceled dollhouse. So much angsty hate right now.

I am in your interwebs…

policing your blogs for copyright infringements.

There is someone wrong on the internet and I must fix it! Up, up, and away!

Sesame Street has a liberal slant, guys.

Or so according to our friends at FoxNews and all the rednecks out there who actually believe all that tripe is “Fair and Balanced”.


So Sesame did a skit where it referred to “PoxNews” as “trashy” however this was coming from someone who was clearly related to Oscar the Grouch, who lives in a trash can, so perhaps it was a compliment?

I know, I know, probably not. But actually believing that your child understands that the writers were trying to drag FoxNews’ name through the mud makes you look stupid. No, seriously. Your child might have realized the link between “Pox” and “Fox” and even that Oscar’s relative prefers it to Oscar’s show GNN (CNN) if and only if you think your child is actually paying attention to what you watch on television.

Odds are your child has his or her own TV and never has to bother you while you watch whatever news station you’ve aligned yourself with. And even if your child does not have a TV of their own, adults on TV are boring, so your future redneck, republican, homophobic foxnews watcher is likely safe from whatever taint puppets might have wrought.

And, yes, this article would have likely been very similar if it was CNN that had thrown a bitch-fit about puppets poking fun at them. I’m non-partisan that way.

Yeeee haw.

I’m not really sure what the title is about. I’m a bit bored, I guess. The weekend rolled around and that’s when work for me happens and then I get distracted by real life and all my intentions of blogging and writing are forgotten.

That being said, work is work. Don’t much care for it, but it must be done so that I can buy shiny things. It’d probably be best if you don’t know where I work, gentle readers, if only for the simple fact I’d hate to end up like the Delta Airline lady from years ago.

Anyway, this holiday season, if you are in a store, please make sure you know the stores hours and are out of said store at the time they close. NOTHING is ruder than people who come in two minutes before the store closes or those who stay for 20minutes after closing hours. If you’ve ever done it, you should be kicked in the shins. Hard.

Odds are the people waiting on you already don’t want to be there and each moment spent with you is making them more and more disgruntled. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be kept after your scheduled time off just because some douche won’t leave?

Chocolate covered pretzels.

Are delicious, and totally the reason I haven’t written any of my novel today. I didn’t realize they’d be so time consuming to make, then again I could be doing it wrong. In more NaNoWriMo news, at least on my front, I do have the complete outline for the prologue and possibly some intro chapters. In the course of my outline, I’ve more or less changed the perspective of the story and even added some characters that will hopefully flush the story out very well.

I’m actually very excited about it, but I’m at such a point that I think the concept and general story is so great that my writing cannot do it justice. So, I’m scared. Terrified, really, to start writing it and not be able to make it as good as I think it could be.

With laziness and fear, its a wonder I ever write anything. >.<

Yay for story beginnings

So, been hard at work trying to come up with a nice solid beginning for my story for NaNoWriMo. And I think I have it.  It should make for a nice, lengthy prologue. Might even get me caught up with some of the other people in my area. Then again, it might not. Regardless, this novel that’s been in the works, for what seems like forever, finally has a beginning.

I want to have a good, strong beginning before I potentially start posting it in my other blog, for which the story is named. Who knows, I might even make it big on the interwebs and become epopular. 😀

Back to the writing I suppose.

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