Sesame Street has a liberal slant, guys.

Or so according to our friends at FoxNews and all the rednecks out there who actually believe all that tripe is “Fair and Balanced”.

So Sesame did a skit where it referred to “PoxNews” as “trashy” however this was coming from someone who was clearly related to Oscar the Grouch, who lives in a trash can, so perhaps it was a compliment?

I know, I know, probably not. But actually believing that your child understands that the writers were trying to drag FoxNews’ name through the mud makes you look stupid. No, seriously. Your child might have realized the link between “Pox” and “Fox” and even that Oscar’s relative prefers it to Oscar’s show GNN (CNN) if and only if you think your child is actually paying attention to what you watch on television.

Odds are your child has his or her own TV and never has to bother you while you watch whatever news station you’ve aligned yourself with. And even if your child does not have a TV of their own, adults on TV are boring, so your future redneck, republican, homophobic foxnews watcher is likely safe from whatever taint puppets might have wrought.

And, yes, this article would have likely been very similar if it was CNN that had thrown a bitch-fit about puppets poking fun at them. I’m non-partisan that way.


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