Yeeee haw.

I’m not really sure what the title is about. I’m a bit bored, I guess. The weekend rolled around and that’s when work for me happens and then I get distracted by real life and all my intentions of blogging and writing are forgotten.

That being said, work is work. Don’t much care for it, but it must be done so that I can buy shiny things. It’d probably be best if you don’t know where I work, gentle readers, if only for the simple fact I’d hate to end up like the Delta Airline lady from years ago.

Anyway, this holiday season, if you are in a store, please make sure you know the stores hours and are out of said store at the time they close. NOTHING is ruder than people who come in two minutes before the store closes or those who stay for 20minutes after closing hours. If you’ve ever done it, you should be kicked in the shins. Hard.

Odds are the people waiting on you already don’t want to be there and each moment spent with you is making them more and more disgruntled. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be kept after your scheduled time off just because some douche won’t leave?


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