Chocolate covered pretzels.

Are delicious, and totally the reason I haven’t written any of my novel today. I didn’t realize they’d be so time consuming to make, then again I could be doing it wrong. In more NaNoWriMo news, at least on my front, I do have the complete outline for the prologue and possibly some intro chapters. In the course of my outline, I’ve more or less changed the perspective of the story and even added some characters that will hopefully flush the story out very well.

I’m actually very excited about it, but I’m at such a point that I think the concept and general story is so great that my writing cannot do it justice. So, I’m scared. Terrified, really, to start writing it and not be able to make it as good as I think it could be.

With laziness and fear, its a wonder I ever write anything. >.<


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