My thoughts on twilight, let me show you them…

So I just verbally bitch slapped some random person on facebook for gushing about how wonderful both the movie and books are. Heaven help me, the snark came out. I feel slightly bad since the very clear flame was done in response to my fiance’s sister’s status update. I can only hope for a bloody, dirty flame war centering around twilight and it’s cast.

That being said, people who like twilight (not for the hilarity factor, because I think it’s so terrible that at certain points it comes full circle and is just laughable) have some issues, I think. I know these people aren’t hurting anyone with their fandom… Except for the woman who decided to turn the little edward doll into a vibrator and show it at TwiCon to the actors that made the mistake of showing up… I’m fairly certain the actors were harmed mentally during that Con. But, I’ve always had issues with people who obsess over a book, movie, actor, etc… It’s just a pitiful way to behave.

I, mean, I really, really like David Tennant and the Dr. Who series. I even make jokes that I’d leave my significant other for him. But in reality, I wouldn’t. The man could be my father with the age difference between us. Would I freak out over meeting him? I’d likely be nervous, but I’m usually a bit nervous when meeting anyone new. Would I chase after him like a rabid fan eager to tear a piece of his clothing off? This is where self control and polite behavior comes into play.

In short, though not really too short, it’s cool to like something, but chill the fuck out…


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