Hello internet, did you miss me?

Well, did you?

I’ve clearly been silent for much too long. According to my old blogs almost three years silent. I’m surprised I’ve kept quiet this long. Shocking really. My old blogs were the typical “No one understands me, I’m going to QQ on the internet to the faceless” and then there was my one dedicated to World of Warcraft.

I’m hoping this one will be a bit different. There will still likely be references to my day to day life and an odd gaming reference here and there, but mostly I’d like to write something people might actually want to, you know, read.

Thrown into my catering to the masses will likely be a bit of odd social comentary and just general snark, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love snark? And who knows? I might actually work up the courage to continue working on my novel and post bits and pieces here for your viewing pleasure.


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