Day two, dear internet

Day two and already I’m thinking about writing. This is a good sign, right? And already Devi, my husky is bellowing at the top of her lungs to be let out of the kitchen. One would think she has to use the bath room, but no, it’s just a cry for attention since the other dogs have no desire to play with her at the moment.

Unfortunately, ignoring her does not make this problem go away, it only makes it worse.

I was hoping to play some SoulCalibur on the 360 today, but it turns out one of our friends borrowed the copy and has never given it back. Sucks to be me. There’s always Wii fit or I could turn my attentions back to where they’ve been lately and hop aboard the WoW train. Level 78 on my main, my others are still level 70, but if I can get one to 80, I can get the other two and possibly my new deathknight there, too.

I’m also, as girly as it sounds, debating actually fixing my hair and doing the makeup thing today. There’s something about new clothes that make me want to go all out in the accessory department. Usually only once though, so gotta make it count.


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